The Equipment

We have two large, modern, and well-equipped research laboratories together with full technical support for synthetic research.

A MBraun labmaster 130 glove box with two compartments and Schlenk lines in each hood enables us to work under inert atmosphere.

We also have facilities for temperature and current controlled electrocrystallisation
In addition, we have an instrumental and magnetic laboratory which contains a 'state of the art' 5 Tesla SQUID magnetometer (dc and ac options, including a light guide into the sample space)...

... a Perkin Elmer Spektrum One IR spectrometer, a Perkin Elmer Lambda 10 UV-Vis spectrometer ...

... and a Metrohm 663 VA Stand with a PGStat 20 for cyclic voltammetry measurements

Furthermore we have good support from the chemistry department, and have open access to efficient NMR, ESR, MS and X-Ray etc. facilities.

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