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Since 1977, we have the privilege to scientifically collaborate with many colleagues working in laboratories located all over the world. These collaborations resulted in many joined publications - the locations of these partners are given with the map below:

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We are participating in the "Sino Swiss Science and Technology Cooperation" (SSSTC 2012 - 2015, and 2016/2017).
Title of the Project: "Controlled Engineering of One-Dimensional Functional Nanostructures of π-Conjugated Molecular Systems".
Dr. Shi-Xia Liu and Prof. Silvio Decurtins are the Swiss Principal Investigators and the Chinese partner is Prof. Deqing Zhang from the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.


We are participating in the "Marie Curie Initial Training Network" (ITN) of Europe's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).

FP7   FP7

Title of the project:
"Molecular-Scale Electronics: Concepts, Contacts and Stability"
(MOLESCO 2014 - 2017)

Title of the recently closed project:
"Fundamentals of Molecular Electronic Assemblies"
(FUNMOLS 2008 - 2012)


We are participating in the SNF Programme called "Scientific Co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland" (SCOPES 1.5.2014 - 30.4.2017).
Title of the Project: "Synthesis, Experimental and Theoretical Study of Bistable Magnetic Materials Based on 3d and 3d-4f Exchange Coupled Clusters: Prospects for Practical Applications".
Our partners in Eastern Europe are Prof. Svetlana G. Baca from the Institute of Chemistry and Prof. Sophia I. Klokishner from the Institute of Applied Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Title of the preceding Project: "Magnetic coordination polymers of the nanosized clusters" (SCOPES 2010 - 2012).

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We are member of the European Network of Excellence (sixth framework programme) "MAGMANet" (2005-2009) on "Molecular Approach to Nanomagnets and Multifunctional Materials".


We have participated in an European Cooperation in the field of Scientifec and Technical Research designated as "COST Action D31" on "Organising Non-Covalent Chemical Systems with Selected Functions" (2004 - 2009).

Following partners have also participated:

We have already participated in 4 European Research projects, namely:

  • A TMR Programme in the field of "Molecular Magnetism" (1998 - 2002).

  • An ESF Programme in the field of "Molecular Magnetism" (1998 - 2003). For further informations see:

  • An ESF Programme in the field of "Molecular Electronics" called NANOSYN (2003-2006). For further informations see below.

  • An SNF Programme called "Scientific Co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland" (SCOPES 2005 - 2008). Title of the Project: "New Approaches for Building Potential Magnetic Materials: From Isolated Metal Clusters to Molecule-Based Magnets".

Recently, we have coordinated a SONS Programme of the European Science Foundation ESF on molecular electronics called NANOSYN:


The following partners have participated:

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